Why was amusement park created Waiting time?

I come from Erfurt and go to Europa-Park at least once a month - four and a half hours there, four and a half hours back. But what has always bothered me: the uncertainty about whether I will drive four and a half hours to a full or an empty park. There were no historical data to draw conclusions about the quietest day of the month.

Where do the wait times come from?

The waiting times of the attractions are determined by the respective amusement park itself, which displays the waiting times either on information boards in front of the attractions or on information screens in the park. We update the waiting times regularly. Under the waiting times you will find the time of our data status (only when the park is open). We are not responsible for the content, correctness and form of waiting times or statistics.

Which amusement park is missing?

If you are missing an amusement park, send us an e-mail with the name of the park to kontakt@itsmarco.de and we will check if it is feasible.

What is the technology behind this project?

The project runs on 1 dedicated web and mail server, 1 dedicated database server & 1 backup server, which backs up the entire infrastructure twice a day. In addition, an in-house server takes care of the distribution & plausibility of all data. The code of the website and other components were completely developed in-house and are constantly being improved.

What is planned for the future?

Big topic for the future, forecasts! Since several months in the planning and development, there should be later prognoses for the waiting times on basis of artificial neuronal networks (KNN). When? As soon as the data is reliable!

Will there be regular competitions?

Yes! It is planned that there will be regular competitions in the future. However, since I finance these myself and through advertising, I cannot make any statements about when and how often.

How can you support amusement park waiting time?

The best way to support the service is to put www.freizeitpark-wartezeit.de as an exception in your ad blocker. The servers and especially the raffles are financed by the ads. You can also support us via our Amazon.de (Affiliate-Link).